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Narrabeen Lake Monster


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Went fishing Friday night at the caravan park, Narrabeen lake. Looking for flathead on live mullet. Started at 9:30 pm. the bites were slow, came one at a tme, usually a lot of undersize fish taking the bait. after 30 mins got my 1st bream at 27cm,then had to wait again another 30 mins got my 2nd fish, 37cm tailor. It was like that all the way.

Cought 5 fish and all legal :thumbup: (never before). usually cought a lot of undersize fish there. 2 breams 27cm, 2 tailor 37cm and a moster 39 cm bream :1yikes: that came last about 1 am. didn't catch any flathead at all.

my biggest ever bream from Narrabeen. previous record there was 30cm last Nov in front of Woolies near the bridge. PB was 40cm from Roseville bridge 3 years ago.

Looking at the photo, it makes the 27cm breams look very small.

post-6935-031833000 1296920305_thumb.jpg

post-6935-041647900 1296920320_thumb.jpg

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top bream there m8 , and im not surprised i took the kids there snorkelling on saturday under the bridge and around the weed beds at narrabeen and seen alot of big bream/whiting and the water was like a bath , this was around 11am with people everywhere !!

cheers paul

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