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Botany 21st


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Hi all,

Geoff and I headed for Botany on Saturday and had yet another great day on the water. :1clap:

We started drifting around the runways for Trevally and tailor. No big Trevors like Swoffa's so I didn't bother with Pics but took one of a tailor...


We then dropped the pick on the edge of the Channel near the cans and got a good burley trail going. We floated all manner of things with hooks in them down hoping for the Trevally to turn up but with the amount of slimies on hand if there were any other fish present they wouldn't have got a look in. :thumbdown:

We did however have heaps of fun on the slimies on bream gear. I was casting Bass Minows down the trail and jigging them back. One or two twitches of the rod and we were on!! The slimies were just smashing them and taking off like little freight trains. Geoff and I were crossing lines under and over and chasing them around the boat on the light gear. Too much fun. :yahoo::yahoo:

We got a bit sick of the slimies (they weren't what we came for) and headed for the hot water outlet but only found small reddies and annoying things that snipped the tails of my BM's so decided to head outside for a drift under the cliffs.

Fairly quite out there except for one really nice reddie Geoff got on a fillet of frozen Yakka of all things. That made the skpper happy. I took a photo with his camera so might get a pic up of it soon.

Don't ya just love this fish'n stuff!!!!!!!! :biggrin2:



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