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Australia Day ( bit late)


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Hi raiders been a member for sometime now, and always enjoy reading the forums, so thought it was about time I learnt to contribute to them. Anyway on Australia Day me and a mate decided to see if we could catch one of these wahoo that have been around in the warm water. We fished in 70 fathoms off Broken Bay, we would have been happy with any size wahoo but managed to get one 23kg. We also got a few jelly been yellowfin, our next mission will be one of these bull dolphin fish.

cheers MOSSO.post-13013-041642700 1296978136_thumb.jpgpost-13013-032849600 1296978192_thumb.jpg

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Now thats a nice Wahoo, nice work Mosso. What did you get him on?

Cheers Mike

Hi Mike, thanks for reply it was caught on pakula mouse soft head in the blue hawian colour. This colour is one of my favourites for raising marlin and I have caught alot of good fish not just marlin on this. I always have one of these plus the lumo colour in the spread when dragging lures.

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