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repowering my yalta 189


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There's be a plate on the boat mentioning in the biggest hp motor you can put on your boat and the weight.

Because it's an old boat make sure the weight of the max hp 4 stroke is under the max transom weight

Couldn't agree more mate, love the 4 strokes :)

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Hi, Yalta are a good old hull and yes be careful about stern weight. Some 115HP 4-Strokes maybe a bit too heavy but that is the HP I would be looking at, but then again I can think of another clean tech engine I would fit on the back of that boat that does everything any 4-Stroke does but easily outperforms them and weighs less. That is my opinion and you have your favourites like I have my favourite outboards, at the end of the day all modern engines are good and the dealers service and training is very important to how you enjoy that new outboard.

Why do you not like the 125HP because the cost to repower with any clean tech engine is going to be about $16-$17K, minus whatever your current engine is worth, is alot of money to recoup in fuel usage and if you use good oil and that engine is tuned right they run well for an old tech engine.



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