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top water session botany bay


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Hey guys!

Hit the bay solo friday arvo and was keen to hit kernel but but once i cam out of the channel and into to bay and the chop was startin to get real bad so i decided to stay around towra just incase it really blew up and i wouldnt of got too wet :wacko:

Decided to give poppers a go over the shallows as it was over cast and windy. I was only set up with the light gear 3lb fireline 3lb leader so i backed the drag off a little more than usual :biggrin2: , Within 3 cast i hooked up to a mice fish in knee high water and boated my first bream on a popper going 35cm :thumbup:


A few more drifts went buy and lost a popper that must of been a cracker of a fish because i couldnt turn its head and it dug its head into ribbon weed so i had no chance to get it out :ranting2: rig back up and nect cast i get smashed again but this time it was sonethin a little different! i would of only be in around 3ft of water and it went like the clappers takin run after runs and being by myself i couldnt chase it so the boat eventually run ashore and the fight continued... after seemed like for ever i finally got some line back then off again! I didnt like my chances but i kept on goin and landed in the boat my first king in the net


it deffently wasnt huge but in less than 4ft of water and on the light leader i was over the moon :yahoo:

Un stuck myself off the sand :) and back out again for a few more drifts catching a few bream around 30cm then these 2 guys within 5 min of each other



The wind picked up more so i decided to head in happy with myself even if i did loose 4 poppers in the process lol

All fish were on either the bushy poppers or the new berkley ones with 1-3kg rod 3lb line and leader

Thanks for reading guys


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That's a top effort on the light stuff mate! :yahoo:

Well done on landing the little kingy especially. Stiffy poppers have been accounting for dozens of whiting down here at the moment as well.Keep the reports coming mate :thumbup:



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Whoa Breambucket - what an amazing session - thumper bream and a kingy on poppers too!!

Might give the topwaters a go tomorrow morning if it doesn't rain. Have seen kingys in the shallows off Quibray Bay - might chuck a popper out to it next time :biggrin2:

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Pete - what a cracker of a session :thumbup: . You are certainly doing well in the new boat. Congratulations on your first kingy on a popper :yahoo: , I am yet to achieve that goal. I hope the top water bite is still on tommorrow morning, it should be a good overcast day with some showers keeping many boats off the water :biggrin2: .

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OMG!! :1yikes: That is an AWESOME session, BB!!! :yahoo: You have really been spoiled on your first, second, third, fourth etc bream on popper!!! A terrific result!! And to land a kingie as well!! :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

Shame the biggie buried you in the weed & busted you off - that happened to me a little while back - & a buddy said to just open the bail up (assuming you were out on the flats) & get over there to the fish, instead of putting too much pressure on him with the light gear - then have another go, as he'd probably have left the weed by the time you reached him!!

Well done


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Excellent effort there.Once you get the top water bug your hooked for life.Nothing better than hearing a fish

slurping your lure.Try some sunline rockfish flouro it is very strong but it doesnt float like mono.Been using

4lb on my pencils and its been very reliable.


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