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Sat Harbour Fun

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Got on the harbour with Rach Sat. Late start at about 9ish saw us head over Manly way.

I had just picked up some of these 1" hawgs and was keen to give em a swim. Rach kept calling them 'crickets' , a much more appropriate oz name I think :biggrin2:

After a little sniff around the boats we found the breambos deep round some nasty structure, and they loved these things :1clap:

The first went hard but I locked up and draged him clear with the help of rach on the leccy. He went 35cm and is now my pb :1clap:

Soon a smaller model at 30 hit the deck.

Next followed two BIG bustups. I just could not get these guys clear fast enough! :1badmood:

Soon after, I locked up the drag tight as, and this guy grabs it, I give him some serious curry, and he does something I did not expect from a bream, he jumps! :1yikes: Scared the hell out of me! I get him clear and into the net.

We played a little longer to try to get Rach onto a fish, but she kept getting sort takes and the hunger moved us on to seek some food.

Later I was showing the girl how to do those short flick casts you need when tight round structure, when i come up tight... she hates when that happens :biggrin2: 'I wasn't even doing anything' says I as I bring in a first for me on plastic....a small flounder!

Soon Rach gets her mark with the flick and gets another first in a goby/grinner.

A fantastic day on the water, and nice to get onto some fish...


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Guest bluecod

Some nice fish there Alexit - looks like that fish in the last photo has had a run in with a net at some time in its younger days

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