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conversion to centre console

Catchin Jack

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Hi guys,

Had this idea to convert my 4.8m Allycraft Bar Raider into a centre console or have controls 2/3 of the way forward, i'd have to remove the front screen and front dash and relocate all the wiring, steering etc to new position.

My question is.....Would the cost out weigh the benefit and would it take much to do and would I need new steering controls etc. Also, how hard would it be to do and anyone done it and approx cost to do?

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I guess the viability for the conversion depends on the reasoning behind it.

You should be able to reuse most control and steering cables.

Centre consoles are inherintly wet at sea across the wind but the fishability factor for chasing pelagics is greatly increased. Everything is always a tradeoff. You would probably have to trim or remove the current foredeck keeping in mind the further rearward the console the better the ride at the helm.

As for cost it depends on how far you take the conversion ie commercial console VS homebuilt, T-Top for rod storage and electronics?.

Good luck


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