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Attack of the pink things. (fly tying)


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The first one is kind of my attempt at a baited breath using pink marabou. Didn't exactly turn out how i wanted it to but i liked it none the less.

post-9542-059301200 1297521000_thumb.jpg

After my first and last fly fishing session I dropped 2 small bream with a pink thing i tied before so i thought it might be a good idea to make a few copies, however each one always turns out different.

post-9542-040978500 1297521229_thumb.jpg

And finally with the last pink thing i made, i kinda went all out there :1prop: and gave it a bit of a dark fur appearance to kind of give the fly a halo around its body, to distort the outline. Then it was topped off with a red throat, i always like a bit of red underneath my lures, i reckon it looks like gills.

post-9542-051971200 1297521286_thumb.jpg

post-9542-096948000 1297521332_thumb.jpg

I'd appreciate any criticism and opinions, feel free to also post pics of your own flies. I would like a few more ideas from just the ones that ive found so far.

Regards Reeseman

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