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Great hour of action on the Georges


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Scored some poddies with my son yesterday and was hanging out to get out there again after a two week lay-off. On the water by 6:30am and conditions were perfect, the tide had started to run out and I headed to one of my deeper spots with livies out both sides. At the end of the first drift, a flatty nailed one of the livies and came up a tad under 60cm. Fish from this spot are an unusual colour and almost look like sand flathead. Pedalled back upstream and repeated the drift with another mid 50s fish only 50m from the last. Apart from unsnagging, the next two drifts produced two more fish. I had a great bag and it hadn't hit 8am yet!

Couldn't resist hitting another couple of favourite spots but not much more action apart from a few small flatties released. By 11am the wind was blowing from the south-west making it no so cruisy out there so I returned to the original productive drift and on my last livey, a good flatty smashed the bait and took some line. The hook pulled as she came up to the yak and she headed south for next time. All in all, a great action packed hour early on and looking forward to succulent boneless, skinless flatty fillets during the week!

post-4017-062951200 1297567803_thumb.jpg

post-4017-014723300 1297567810_thumb.jpg

post-4017-021268400 1297567816_thumb.jpg

post-4017-054232800 1297567823_thumb.jpg

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Hey Rob -

Nice feed of flatties you have there .. nothing better than fresh flatty fillets rolled on parmesan cheese and pan fried.. YUM.

I have not targeted flatties since the Kingfish season started... after seeing your post I might start flicking plastics for them on the flats next week!



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