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Sydney Harbour - more blackies

luderick -angler

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Well with the southerly and the swell looking to pick up yesterday plus a mate that does not rock fish we headed down Hickson Road hoping to get him a kingy and me more luderick, well first cast I was in nice 40cm fish next cast drop and even bigger one I think here we go it will be epic but no Mr Saw Tail turns up! Many hooks later!!!! My mate has failed to get a kingy not even a touch, the wharf is like George Street at lunch hour out he front so we relocate, first cast on again, my mate gives the kings away and has ago at the blackies with the spare rod I brought along he's on!

So tally for the day fish on the deck 8 luderick dropped 5 and no kings - lot of luderick grazing the piles out on Pier 2 I think it will be an absolute cracker come Autumn and winter get your blackie gear ready lads!

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Good one. I went out Saturday morning for a couple of hours and only landed three. Nice fish. Got bitten off by bigger fish. Thought they may have been drummer, but perhaps surgeons. Who knows. Was supposed to be home for a family birthday lunch (mine) so had a very quick departure from the rocks. No time to clean the fish, so gave them to another guy there. He was happy.

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