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Sydney Landbased Jewie spots


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Im looking for a few good spots to try out for jewies. It would be good if they are in the hawkesbury, pittwater or harbour. Will fish form boat if required so boat spots aswell. Thanks


where to start mate.......landbased, Blues Pt Sydney harbour is worth a shot, Pittwater and Hawksbury are more boat propositions in my opinion......

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Spiro has given you a starting point mate, but peeps who catch jew regularly hold their spots tight to their chests... you'd be lucky to get specific details.

Some other areas include:

Parramatta River hold good number of jew but most are just soapies with the odd metre job thrown in

Lane Cove River- again same deal- my PB came from MCR taken on chicken breast intended for Bream, the following I caught one just a few cm smaller from same location on skirt steak (yes it does work!)

beaches- they fire when the jew are ON but else its really hit'n'miss

*** ultra fresh bait is a MUST!!!!!

get yourself a good marine map and locate the deep holees that are accessible for a LB cast- and keep trying... mate a jew isnt just gonna pop onto ya hook- there's always "beginners luck" but Ive spent many many long nights fishing Parra, LCR and up some spots in Broken bay for zip on the jew front in over 3 years... they are there you just gotta be lucky... all of my jews have some when I fish solo and 95% taken on live beach worms and chicken breast and Mullet, never when I fish with mates- I hook em then get dusted... the areas I fish are around moored boats and bays - "hint" this is one of the many places you will fnd them... expect to get pinged often though they can be dirty fighters and will head straight for any structure/cover in the vicinity.

Good luck regardless where you attempt to tackle your first...

Tight lines


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