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Colour Laser Printers - who uses one or has one at work?


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Hi guys

I have always run a B/W laser printer for the copious pages of stuff I print from the computer, with an inkjet colour printer on the side for photos etc, but they have always been pricey to maintain with cartridges etc.

Now that the price of Colour Laser Printers has come down so much (now around the $250 mark or less, from numerous thousand many years back) I am thinking of getting one, specially to print off some of Keith's Triathlon photos & other stuff.

Looks like most (if not all) colour laser printers use 4 toner cartridges, which is good? Some Inkjet printers have this option and are much more efficient cost wise than the 'all in one' colour cartridges of other inkjet printers.

Any advice will be appreciated



check out this site - got some interesting points!


seems colour lasers don't print photos as well as inkjet!! :wacko:

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roberta i have a canon pixma Mp500 which is a couple of years old now and is the best printer i have ever had, great for printing pictures as well on photo paper plus ya can print onto printable cds with it and it has a scanner,it uses 5 cartridges two black and three color and last ages i use it for work also, see if ya can pick one up from a computer warehouse place there worth the money :thumbup:

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there is a big difference between inkjet and laser printers...

using inkjets was very popular due to laser too exe for home users but like ya say the $ is very good for laser now..

the first thing anyone whether home or business is look at your amount of pages(add extra in case business expands) you do over a period of time.. say mthly or yr.

now with this figure look at the printer copier and do a total cost of ownership..

this includes toner , ink , drum/image units , fuser unit..

now once you get these figures of each printer copier it will allow you to make a more informed choice..

as example... a $300 printer may cost you $4000 to run over say a 5 yr life...

buying the $600 one may actually be cheaper over 5yrs of say $3000 and still have more life left...

gen rule is smaller/cheaper the device the more expensive it is to run with consumables..

for mono black most are about same image quality but when its color there is alot of dif in quality of prints...

this is what you need to look at,photo grade or just pictures from web or docs etc...

roberta give me a buzz if ya need ...

i can put you onto a cheap place that will deliver as yr local place there are numnuts and put big margins on anything....

hope this helps.....


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