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Making a boat stable.


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Evening all.

I have a Allycraft 4.75 Bar Raider with a 70 two stroke Yam on the back wich I love.My problem is that it will do all that I want it to do with the wife and kids no problems at all.

But when I am fishig either alone or with a mate I find it unstable when anchored up or drifting.Is there any mods that can be done to fix this.Some body told me about fitting rails or tubes along the side.Has anyone heard of this or what can be done.

Thanks in advance.



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Hey mate,

I've got the same boat with a 60 HP Yamaha and have the same problem.

It gets a bit hairy when something big goes flying past. I always look at other boats around and they never seem to rock as much.

Haven't heard of the rails or tubes along the side, but I'm interested to know if there is a solution.


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