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sydney harbour kings


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hi radiers

heading out at 5 in the harbour from roseville on saturday in search of some kings

havent had much luck so far with only 1bust off and some followers :ranting2: *right at the boat*

does anyone have any tips on where to fish ... not interested in going out the heads as boat wont handle

but any spots to try in middle harbour or in the harbour


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Hi Windred

I am in a similar situation. Looking for Kings, but not wanting to go out the heads.

I've seen some Kings being taken at middle head and Old Man's hat.

And that's were I am going to try this Sunday, with fresh squid from bait shop and some life Yakkas, if I manage to get some.

Just before Christmas I landed an undersized King at the green market just opposite sugerloaf bay.

Tight lines.

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What about at the heads? Will you go there? Don't have to go outside them.

yes i will if it is calm

its just it is a estuary boat with low sides, shallow v and dosent like the waves very well + dont have open water safety gear

allready got pulled up by the cops at old mans and got told to move

+ there are pleanty of fish inside dont have to necessarily go out, passing at lot of fish on the way

so looks like i will be trying the markers and looking for surface action bright and early

cheers look forward to hearing some reports or even better making some myself

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