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Bream and Mullet pics

luderick -angler

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I was on the way home through Darling Harbour where incidently your not allowed to fish and doing the slow wander contemplating where to have a cold schooner of Reschs I saw these there were schools everywhere average fish would have been 25 - 30cm guestimate but as soon as something landed on the water they would go ballistic, it was a perfect opportunity for a dry fly!

Anyway heres some eye candy for you bream fellas and a few mullet for something different they were huge estimate to be 4lb plus and they were feeding hard on the algae on the bottom.

post-5131-077625700 1298069104_thumb.jpg

post-5131-019628600 1298069126_thumb.jpg

post-5131-093427900 1298069154_thumb.jpg

post-5131-078581600 1298069179_thumb.jpg

post-5131-002748700 1298069203_thumb.jpg

post-5131-076556000 1298069224_thumb.jpg

post-5131-040154400 1298069247_thumb.jpg

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hey when the builders from the casino construction site have their lunch on the waters edge and start throwing their scraps in the water schools of 30-40cm bream start smashing up the feed. Have been told that they try to hook them up but the bream are pretty smart there. Its amazing to see such big schools of solid bream...

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