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No Royalty today.......


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hi raiders..........

went out today in search for some sort of king.......rat or hoodlum it didn't matter, just wanted to catch one and feel their power.

got picked up from my neighbours jetty at 6.15 am and we headed straight out to Neilson park in search of some yakkas or squid, after about 30mins with zit.

we went looking for bird activity. we pulled up near quarantine bay and anchored. Using frozen squid and pillies as bait because that's all we had and played the waiting game.

about 10 mins later my rod bends and strike the fish is on land it in the net and produced the first which looks like some sort of trevally, can some one please confirm.

(it initially had spots on it, but when i got home it turned a golden colour) reload with another bait and 5 mins later i'm on again. ( this was the larger of the 2).

then went all quiet for a while. desperate for another, pesistence paid of with a bonito. gee this guys can put a fight.

had to pack it up by 9.15 as the :wife: needed me to be at home to look after the youngest one as she had to choof into the city.

all our fish were caught on pillies, the squid didn't even get a look in.

ah well no royalty today but hope to catch that ellusive king soon...... happy with the catch though.........i'll try the new Beefeater tonight.....


shifty 1.

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Hey Mate,

You came close to some Royalty... The Fish you caught were small samson fish. They are in the same family as the kingfish (seriola) and can grow to massive sizes especially in w.a. They are generally smaller in the east. still great fighters.


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Hey mate....

Samsons taste very similar and I think pound for pound fight slightly better than the kingy's. Sounds like your in the right areas just take the extra time to get the live baits and the kings will follow. Don't be scared to put on big baits either. A couple of days ago I had 870 and 820mm kings inhale slow trolled 520 and 440 mm pike which were aimed at bigger fish and i don't have to tell you big kingy's big live squid.

Good Luck with the your first you won't forget it.

Cheers Kriso :beersmile:

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