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Saturday Night Tailor


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Hi Fishraiders,

Out and about last night with my brother, up from Captain Cook's Bridge. Decided to have a go at the Tailor being a full moon a couple of days ago. Hit the water about 9pm and stayed until 12.30am. It was a great night, no wind and great company. For the first hour it was very quiet and then I was onto a nice fish which I lost boat side as water police were coming up to me slowly and I wasn't sure who they were and I was more worried of them and who they were than my fish. Anyway, it's a good thing having them come over as they were checking safety gear and making sure we were all safe out there and doing the right thing :thumbup:

The fishing hotted up as the tide changed. We managed to keep one fine Tailor which will be getting smoked at today's family BBQ and one Bream for my son Kieran (which I know looks small in the picture against my Tailor, but it was definately legal as you can see).

Hope someone caught a Jewie last night as we witnessed a 20kg plus model ambush a Mullet on the Channel drop off in front of our eyes :1yikes: . I've only witnessed this a few times. It's amazing how Mulloway ambush their prey. I guess it pays to have a live bait under a float when fishing for Jew on full moon. I felt like fishing for Jew after seeing that. I definately had the right bait but not the rods to suit :ranting2:

It was great to be out and about.


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