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Botany 20/02


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Had one of the best days in a long time yesterday with bait flowing quickly 10 live squid ,3 fresh from a previous trip , 15 yakkas and a pike which have been fishing well for me lately. I started DR inside loosing 2 squid to pickers but managed to get one hood back to be stripped up, while downrigging had a few casts at the tailor schools that seem to be everywhere at the moment landing about 4 around 350mm.

There was a lot of boats around so decided to look outside the heads at a spot which has produced in the past, first pass the yakka on the surface and the stripped up hood on the DR went off at the same time, 800mm on the yakka and an under on the squid. I went back for another pass and for the next hour or two the DR didn't stop :yahoo: , landing a fish every pass with only one very big smoking until the squid ran out. Ended up giving my last squid and a few yakkas to a father and son that only had pillies so his son could get in on the action, hope you guys got one!!!!

I have to say how impressed I am with the durability of 80lb black magic tough fluorocarbon I have only been using it for about a month and it is better than anything else I have used hands down, I think I would have lost at least half these kings with another trace .

post-9202-028465000 1298241010_thumb.jpg

Total King Count

1- under

1- 750mm

6- 800-880mm




The big guy had this piercing in his mouth, The line looked to be 100-120 lb and hook had nearly rusted through.

post-9202-045538900 1298240980_thumb.jpg

Cheers Kriso :beersmile:

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Hey Kris ,

Top effort of late.I was out with the missus & litlle rats yesterday . Didnt stay inside for long as got out at 800 am . Yakkas werent hungry at usual spot . Went out to the fad & peak for Zip . On the way back the oldest got onto his frist stripey which was interesting . Wish that I stuck outside the heads . I'm hopefully out next weekend with DR at hand & kings behind . You might want to think of leaving afew out there for us novices. :biggrinthumb::clapping:

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