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Patonga with the Kids


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what do you do when wife has to work ???? go fishing of course.

took the 3 kids out for a quick session. I wanted to go out to Patonga, a feed is almost always guaranteed, but having my 5 year old daughter with us,

i was a bit worried about crossing the hawkesbury from cowan creek.

came out of Akuna bay where the boat is, and it was flat. Pefect, and this was at 11.30am.

Got to Patonga, and put three lines out, while my little girl had the job of catching the bait.

5 or 6 drifts, broken up with a quick swim to break up the day, and get the sea sickness feeling away from my 9 year old, we had 4 keeper flatheads. I threw one fish back which was 32cms....so close, but no cigar.

On a side note, one of drifts almost ending in disaster. Whilst my attention was given to untanging the kids lines, we almost drifted into a moored yacht.

I quickly started the motor and whacked it into reverse. avoided the yacht, but got my braid wrapped around the prop....got it out fairly quickly though.

Back home by 5 pm, and beer battered flatheads fillets served up for the kids and wife (I don't eat fish).



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