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Ripper Day on the Blackfish


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Good mate Deano and myself hit the harbour today for our first blackfish session of the new year and we werent disappointed with 22 quality fish landed and a few bigger ones either self releasing or broken off.

post-256-021940500 1298279234_thumb.jpg

Big thanks to Royce for the tips today and the green stuff,it worked a treat.

The better fish were caught on the rising tide and I scored a fish on my first cast.

All fish were skinned and filleted with the help of good mate Smitty as well who unfortunately couldnt make it today,next time mate.

Happy 52nd birthday today as well Deano :yahoo:

Cheers Swordie

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Excellent work lads they are still there 4 weeks after my venture! They are everywhere at the moment. It's going to be a cracker of an Autumn.

Stewy must line up a session with you soon!

Cheers and glad you put yourself and Dean on to few!


Thanks for the heads up Royce as I always thought that blackfish were a cool weather fish and would never have given them a shot in summer !! I actually caught a bronzie today all striped up so they are coming in from outside.

Would love to have a few blackfish sessions with you anytime.

Cheers Stewy

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Very nice bag of Blackies there Stewy and Dean.......there were some quality fish amongst them too :thumbup: . I'm spewing I couldn't make it along :( , but there's always next time.

What a great way spend your birthday dean!!! :1happybday:



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