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Massive earthquake hits Christchurch Lyttleton area


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Hi all

Tragic, massive earthquake has hit Christchurch with many loss of lives and total building collapses with people trapped inside.


Continuing broadcasting on all channels.

Very tragic, following the Sept earthquake last year, but no loss of life then.

Friends of ours live in Christchurch, we managed phone contact with them an hour ago & they are in massive shock - the roof of their house has caved in, cracks everywhere in the walls, everything on the floor & trashed inside. They are in their 70s and reckon they've been set back 20 years.

There will most likely be massive loss of life - it happened just before Lunch time their time, so many offices would have most employees still inside. One of the Youth Hostels has collapsed with loss of life. Some buildings have just totally collapsed, many floors on top of each other, concertina style.

The famous Cathedral spire has collapsed & people were inside when it happened.

Tragic, tragic, tragic

Our hearts go out to anyone with family in the Christchurch & surrounding areas - we hope they are OK

sad days


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