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Saturday Out


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Hello Everyone,

My friend Dave, my fionce and I went out 3 Saturdays ago of the jetty, we got to our spot at about 6.30am and had seen another man there, looked and we can see a couple of big fish, we quickly cast our and started a convo with the man next to ask, poor guy was there from 4am and had no luck, we got there about and were ready by 6.40am, 5 minutes later my friend Dave had a bite, he fought this for an easy 30 seconds and with easy pulled it up, caught a nice 30 cm leatherjacket.

post-17714-078337600 1298375761_thumb.jpg

I then cast out and waited and saw my rod bending abit, i thought they were bitting on the bait but started reeling in slowly and felt it trying to get away, i quickly reeled in a nice 28 cm Bream, i got it off the hook and realised the bait was there so i decided to try my luck and cast out, 7.15am came and then i was like i better pay for my car. Quickly ran to buy a ticket for my car before i get fined and find a shop that sells ice. got back and asked 'has anyone checked on my rod' my mate Dave and fionce both answered 'no' so then i replied 'ah i better get it out' and i felt a little kick was like ok then, started reeling and had myself a second 29cm Bream.

post-17714-094247800 1298375816_thumb.jpg

By 7.30 we had 3 fish and we thought this was going to be a great day, 7 hours past and it was dry, waited for high tide and and no luck. about 12pm my fionce had caught a little yellowfin and didnt realise, she left the line in the water for about 30 minutes and she realised and started reeling in and was like why is this hard. We had a look and she had caught an octupus on the hook, we were all shocked and didnt know what to do, so we decided to kick it back in the water instead of keeping it.

post-17714-099404000 1298375566_thumb.jpg

We decided to call it a day and headed home. Was a very fun day, especially missing a kingfish, just had no luck, didn't know what bait they liked.

We then went again last Friday night when high tide was out and the moon was the fullest it can be and had no bites other then 4 star fish which we threw back in.

Thanks all


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