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Botany Bay 72cm flattie


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G'day Raiders,

Finally got out with a mate on Wednesday for a few hours on SP's in Botany Bay.

Now I know this is no Dusky_Chaser/Mialla monster fish but the first Dusky landed for the day turned out to be my PB, a 72cm model. She was fat and healthy, just how we like to see these majestic breeding fish.

post-10314-045348300 1298633263_thumb.jpg

post-10314-093648800 1298633297_thumb.jpg

This beauty was sadly (not really) only 4cm's off my boats record Dusky which is held by Fishraider Belly at 76cm's.

A quick measure and some happy snaps, and off she went back to the depths hopefully not too shaken by the entire ordeal.

Other than the big one, we got a couple at 40cm and that was it, other than the standard half a dozen drops we had. Pretty slow going, but very enjoyable all the same.

The blokes from Purefishing should be proud, all fish caught using their Berkley range of SP's, as this is all we exclusively use.

As per usual, all fish caught and released on the day.


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