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Great day of the beach

the one that got away

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G'day fellow raiders, havent posted in a while, been in Fiji for the past 2 months or soo, but its good to be back

Me and the family decided to take a trip up to Central Coast and stay there for the weekend, and nowing me i couldnt help but to bring a rod with me. The place we were staying was only 1min walk from the beach soo brought with me a beachrod and acouple of hooks and sinkers. As soon as we got down ther i was itching to go fora fish but mum, said i had to spend the day with the family then i can go all tomorrow.

Soo anyways woke up at 5:30 got every thing ready bought some pillies and headed down. Didnt know that the hell a gutter was or wer the hell to cast soo thought stuff it, i'll just throw it out as far as i can, did soo and it wasnt long until nipple...nipple....Bang, and im on. Didnt feel like much of a fish saw a lil flash of the fish thought it was a small Tailor, but as i brought it closer...ZZZZZZZZZZZ.... it starts going crazy, putting up a great fight, thought it must have gotten eaten by something, but the it jumped and it was my very first Australian salmon! :headbang: :headbang:

Washed him up in the waves and it was a 45cm Salmon! My very first, there was not wipping the smile of my face.

Nothing for about another hour, except 3-4 Dart, biggest around 30cm

I spot a patch of water that looks fishy (dont ask me how it just was :tongue3: ). Straight away nipple......nipple.............BANG! Here we go a good fish its taking line and at a pretty fast rate. Just let it run its not going anywhere but out towards deeper water, its slows down abit, soo i start pumping and winding, takes more line, it takes me for a bit of a walk down the beach, i dunno if its either a big salmon or a Jew, just keep, keeping presure, then pop, its gone... :BangHead: :BangHead:

Pop on another pillie and into the same area of water, then bang! im on, not as big as the last fish but still a good fight, get it in a 47cm Salmon.

Long story short, caught 2 Salmon and about 5 dart, lost about 5 fish, ohh well thats fishing :headbang:

Cheers Zac :wave1:

P.s. If anyone goes beach fishing anytime soon, have extra room for one? Im hooked on beach fishin now

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first off I am amazed that from going to fiji you move straight to going to another holiday. Jealous much, but mate sounds like you have an awsome trip, ive always been keen on beach fishing, but do not have the apropriate set up.

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