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botany bay


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gday all. im a newbie here and have spent way too much of my work time scanning the site.

For 30 years ive been land based and have had some terrific success (by my piddly standards).

Finally after many years I have bought a boat. Its not a fishing boat (more of a cruiser) but it will get me to most places.

My plan is to take my missus out into Botany Bay this weekend. She is convinced she wants to catch a kingy or big bream.

If any of you guys or girls can point me in the right direction in regards to location to anchor that would be great. We know w can get flatties on the drift between the bridges and in the Bay but if I can get her to catch a kingy or thumper bream i'll be in the good books and wont get so much crap for being out so much on the water.

Any tips would be greatly appreciaed.


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