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Gday fishraiders,

Just wanted to ask the question, why dont we have a channel that we can ALL switch to when out on the water. This way we can get live reports, and know what buddies of ours are out there. I reckon this can also be good in situations where you might need help (obviously not anything emergency service related) but for example landing a huge fish or lending fuel/bait e.t.c

I dont think it has to be anything we pay for, but i think we should agree on a particular frequency that we can all tune into.

Let me know your thoughts, and moderators is this a possibility?



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Have we decided on a Raider radio channel yet???

If you read the post before yours from Swordfisherman, it says it all.

There has to be one for VHF and 27 meg.

You guys decide on both and we can annonce it for everyone to see.

Regards Admin

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Guys i havent used the radio much, which is what originally sparked this idea as i would use it more and it would be more helpful. So i leave the floor open to our fellow fishRaiders to come up with some frequency's and we will make a decision. As moderators have stated its up to us.

If people want to throw some stations at me, i will collate them and the most popular will be it.



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