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Gday raiders

Mainly fishing in the hawksberry river these days

Im slowly changing from bait to lure and have landed a few fish on lures but not enough to get me 100% hooked yet

Read the reports and everyones catching on lures

Was wondering what everyones thoughts were on the type of lure i should be investing in ? Keep in mind for the hawksberry ,

And what type of depths or places i should be flicking ,

PM if you would need

Cheers guys , hope you can help get me started

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I would suggest starting with small soft plastics as this is a good way to transition from bait to lure fishing. My most consistent performing SPs for bream and flatties are the 80mm Squidgy Wriggler (colour: bloodworm) and 80mm Squidgy flickbait (colour: evil minnow). These are usually matched with the lightest jigheads that the wind, current and depth will allow. Additionally I use 6lb braid with 8 - 10lb leader so I can feel the fish hitting the lure.

I hope this helps, cheers Paul

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Cheers basscatcher , helps alot !

how much ft of water do you usally target bream and flathead in ?

It depends on the time of year and I mainly fish Botany Bay and Georges River. As we approach Autumn I target both flatties and bream along the edges, sandflats and dropoffs ranging from 1ft - 10ft of water. If the fish are in deeper water (ie such holes deeper than 12ft) I mainly use blades (TT blades and MF40s).

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