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Broken Bay 27/2

Young Gun

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Hi all,

Sorry for the late report but i have been very busy with uni during the week.. finally 4 days off and im going to try and make the most of it fishing wise. Me and 2 mates headed out off broken bay on sunday morning. Left at 5am and heading straight out about 10ks and then had a troll up the coast towards terrigal and scored a few nice size striped tuna, biggest around 3kgs. We then decided to head out to the fad to see if anything was happening out there. We were fishing out of my mates haines hunter 2100so so it didnt take us long to get out there and the conditions were great. around 20km off we came across a few boats working a few traps i think, but couldnt see them having any luck so we kept going. We got to the fad at around 9am, a little late i know but o well. There were a few boats there, had abit of a chat and they said they were only catching small dollies. We worked the fad for around an hour and got 2 small dollies which were around about 50-55cm. then the pesky birds showed up.. smashing out pillies and making it very hard to fish the fad.. Dissapointed and still wanting to make the most of the day we kept trolling around near the fad, heading about 10km north, and then returning 10km south. But nothing.. At about 2pm we decided to head back to the fad to have one last shot at scoring out first legal dolly every. The birds were still there so we decided to switch to 5inch plactics. I had a solid hit and finally i though i was going to land my first dolly.. it put on a great show, jumping around and then spat the plastic. i was so dissapointed but o well. theres always next time. We kept working it buy the dollies wernt hungry. Hopefully we will be back out this sunday and head up to terrigal traps to see whats happening out there. Has anyone else had any luck on the dollies latly? Are they out further or are they all just small at the moment? Any info or advice would be very much appreciated.

Thanks Guys, YG

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did you try using livies when fishing the fad ??

conditions look pretty nice out there i would of put down one of those stripys as a big live bait for a beakie :)

ive heard reports of some decent dollies taken around terrigal but these are from private fads so i cant be giving those marks out

hope you have better luck this weekend :1fishing1:

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Nice Report Young Gun... Nice stripey aye... Just like dogtooth said i woulda put one of them down as bait... You never know aye i have caught some solid fish on big live baits... Oh about those pesky birds, you gotta doo the old switcharoo, chuck some pillies one way and then drop one straight by the boat... fools em every time... But next time you go out get a few yakkas in the live well and maybe some bonnie strips.. i have actually heard about allot of good dollies being snagged within a 500m-1km radius of the fad... If you want any more advice or some productive traps i know of send us a pm... also i heard there is this guy who used to live down your way and he knows about his dollies, i will try hook you up with him... But he did say he was very keen to hit that fads with you boys easter holidays...

p.s. your signiture should be "once you caught a kingy you are beyond the point of return", not no return... hahah

Gd luck in your upcoming trip and keep me informed... i hope uni is going well for you too..

Cheers SquidKing Combo xxx

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Very nice marlin mate, what a fight it would have been on that light gear. Hopefully on sunday were back out again. weather permitting haha. will report back here. have a good weekend fishing everyone,

tight lines YG :beersmile:

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