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Old Boy Sharkie


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Received some mixed reports of Blue Eye out at Browns so ventured out there last week (Fri 25th Feb), didnt find anything at all down deep however old boy sharkie here swam up to the back of the boat and asked if we'd mind tossing him and 1800 pound plastic wrapped steel cable with a dirty big hook embedded inside a fresh Bonito... naturally we obliged and the rest is history.. came in at 57kg's gutted and is an Oceanic White Tip from the Whaler family - never seen one before myself.. Kids thought it was great and made a heap of lovely fillets for the BBQ - Cheers.

post-10991-008902000 1299235460_thumb.jpgpost-10991-031318000 1299235469_thumb.jpg

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Good shark mate!! I caught one of those a fair bit smaller a couple of years back at north head very curious bugger he was too!! Hung round for ages before I decided to have a crack at him, off memory mine weighed in the mid 30's. Still again mate great fish!!

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Very very dangerous shark, and critically endangered i might add....

At least you seen one, huh...

Going back some years to when I was still diving, this was claimed by Cousteau as being the most dangerous oceanic shark, together with the GW, and Tiger.


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