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Barrenjoey 4/3/11 - Dad's Smile Part 2


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Hi Raiders,

I took my dad out for our weekly fix yesterday and hit Broken Bay again after he enjoyed himself so much last week :thumbup: . We started at West Head at daybreak and within seconds of burleying had yakka swarming at the back of the boat. With enough in the bucket we started to troll bibbed lures towards Barrenjoey and were straight into good sized bonito anywhere from Pittwater to Palm Beach. Once we had boated a few we headed out towards where I thought Trawley's reef was (GPS from Marine News) but I couldn't find it - does anyone have a co-ords they wouldn't mind sharing? From there we decided to troll down towards the Hole in the Wall, soon after starting the water erupted in front of us and my x-rap was taken by a nice striped tuna :biggrin2: .

The trolling slowed up after around 0900 just like last week, I tried working a poor-mans downrigged yakka around the hole but no takers. We finished the day drifting in front of Palm Beach and found a feed of flathead. As well as fishing with cut baits I dragged a like yakka across the bottom looking for bigger flathead and could not believe that they were taking baits not much smaller than themselves! :1yikes:

Anyway - sorry no pics this week but it's probably good because I think the 'fame' of getting his pics on a post last week has gone to his head, he has been telling me all week how he was looking forward to teaching me how to fish again and has called everyone he knows to tell them that he is on 'that internet thing' :yahoo: The good thing is that he is still smiling.

Looking to next weekend I am either thinking of hitting Botany Bay or trolling around Pittwater for kings - I have been trying to find any of the wrecks in Pittwater with little success - can anyone share any of them?

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Sounds like a good day out. I took my Father in Law out on Thursday as he hadn't fished since selling his boat nearly 12 months ago. Now my own father is jealous so I have to organise a trip for him too.

Flatties will eat anything that even nearly fits in their mouth. I've seen a flattie about 50 mm long caught on a 3/0 long shank hook. I once had a dutch friend catch a 450 mm flattie but he didn't realise it until a metre plus model ate it head first. Both incidents around Coffs Harbour.

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