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Lake Macquarie / Swansea 05/03/2011


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Saturday afternoon (05/03/2011) put in at Swansea Channel with my brother-in-law (and all around good bloke) Bob. Southerly / south-easterly blowing. We have not had much joy over our last couple of trips and were looking at each other (and the occasional banana my wife packs) as reason to blame.

Motored out to the drop-off to fish the bottom of the run-out, anchoring on the northern side of the drop-off. First cast Bob pulls in a beautiful flathead (that we both agreed should be released). Bob had the right side of the boat and pulled in bream (one keeper), squire and others before we got picked to death. Moved out to the centre of the Lake for nil result.

On dark we motored up to the Swansea Bridge and anchored on the west side and fished the incoming tide. Four good bream later and plenty of conversation we pulled up stumps about 11.00pm. Fished with mainly mullet strips and some prawns.

Sometimes its not about the fishing, its about the good company.

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You did well to motor past the 30 boats in the channel near the restaurant , the all caught 20 tailor weighing 1.5 kg each . I was 1 of hem boats , it was a good night on the water.

Saw the boats there but not enough room for another so we kept on going.

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