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bay 6.3.11 morning sesh


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Woke up and decided to get a few hours in on the bay in search of something to take home after a few hopeless jewhunting nights at cc bridge!

was planning on hitting the water around 6ish, ended up gettin there about 10ish haha oh well.

first tried off the 3rd runway for bout 40 minutes with no luck, even with 6 or so boats anchoring up within casting distance didnt see any catches, thought i'd give the molly pt boat club a miss and headed to the oil wharf i think it was, nothing biting, changed strategy and floated out a squid strip on a jig head for a bit of weight n forgot about it, 10 minutes later it goes off and the damn drag was too high fish snapped the line, rigged up another jighead, another squid strip and 20 seconds later i was on again, after a few runs up came my first kingy n thankgod it was a keeper just, had been looking forward to having some fresh sashimi for a long time so i was stoked. nothing after that.

Big thankyou to the guy who gave me his leftover squid he had caught in the morning while at the ramp couldnt have done it without you, gotta learn how to do this thats next on my list!

bit of a letdown was how some people behave at the ramp, as i was reversing my 4wd and setting the boat in another bloke pulls in at the pontoon in his tinnie. im by myself so walk the boat off the trailer and down the pontoon, park my car, then come back a minute later and see him with his boat behind mine up my arse sayin you couldnt wait for me to get my boat out like he was there first? even though i had my trailer in the water while he was stil coming in...

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Well done on catching a legal kingie, even though you went fishing so late.

Normally the kingie bite is early in the morning on a high tide, and yes the squid strips are a top bait.

Tight drag eh? At least you snapped the line and the rod didn't go overboard, as some people forget to put it in a holder...

As for people on the ramps, jeez don't get me started.

You have to wonder whether or not they have correctly analysed the situation and made a conscious decision to be a total moron, or whether or not they are just absent minded or just ignorant?

You will never know unless you confront them and ask them, by which time the situation will usually turn ugly and agood day becomes a bad one...

It's better to laugh it off and tell everyone about it - it will make you feel better and the situation avoided.....

So now all you gotta do is work out how to catch squid....have fun - it's an art form....

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Guest Aussie007

had u been out at the runway earlier there was thousands of fish feeding on the surface near the runway they stopped at 10am i was out there on my own trying my best i left at 10am though

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exactly right you can sit there and explain the logical and right way to do things which is what most people do, but some people are just too arrogant to admit theyre wrong. thats why i just laughed it off which i know made him burn (made a note of his license plate just incase he tried to do anything to my car while i was gone).

Had the fish made a run in the opposite direction i would have lost the rod as it wasnt in a holder! luckily line went under the boat back against it i just heard the butt kicking against the bucket and grabbed it.

Will hopefully get out earlier this coming sunday give it another go, this time armed with squid jigs!

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