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Georges river lugarno sesh


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Hey guys.. Headed out to lugarno tonight for a fish on the river.. Chasing jewfish but ended up with a few very nice bream using yellow tail fillets.. The biggest 45cm close to 1kg.. Bigg! :thumbup:

Started fishing around midnight and had some decent hits.. Still chasing that friken Jew! Anyways come 3am current got a little too strong and the bites stopped.. Anyone fish down here? Or opposite the bay at old ferry wharf rd?

Was at drummoynne ferry wharf the night before but only a few small bream.. And obviously the yellow tail in big numbers.. It's been a little quiet the last few months at drummoyne.. Anyone have any luck on the parra river lately?


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hi mate,

plenty of good size bream and jews in parra river, with yabbies being the best bait for bream and live tailor or squid for jews. Try around birkenhead point bridge for a jew.

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