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A Bit Aggro


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Rock fishing yesterday - located a very small bay with tailor really smashing into

baitfish. Caught a couple of nice ones using a 30 gram spinner and was still working the water when a half cabin boat zooms up then reverses across my line of fire with 2 anglers spinning from the rear. I thought this was bad form as

I had nowhere to cast except across their lines - so I did. A few friendly words were exchanged before they headed off. Needless to say the tailor also left.

I was a bit aggro - anyone else had a similar experience?

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Guest Jocool

Not unusual in Sydney Harbour when the Pelagics or on the run! I do what you did. Just keep casting! Worst case senario, it will mean I have someone follow me to the ramp. :risata: No-one has been game enough so far. :yahoo:

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I saw a guy fly fishun from a yak in Sydney Harbour. He was into a school of sambos and picked up a Kingy under neath, two boats came screamin in to where the water was boiling one then trolled over the top of the school and the fly guys line nearly swamped him then abused him for being on the water....

Some people.

Some one once suggested to me the best boat accessary for Sydney Harbour is a front mounted 30mm cannon



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Reminds me of a story about a bloke I know of. He was live baiting off the ovens in the mid to late 70s he had spent ages getting a good drift out under a balloon with the only decent size slimie he had caught after arriving before sunup.

Anyway to cut the story short two blokes in a little half cab troll up along the rocks,

shouting, yelling signalling makes no diference, over his line they go, his reel goes off, theyve picked his line up around the prop.

They start abusing him, he looses it, strips off his shirt and dives in swims out climbs aboard and goes medieval. Ends up with him in the boat and them out of it and then he dives back in swims back to the rocks climbs up packs up and leaves without a word to the other guys on the rocks.

A little extreme perhaps but justified under the circumstances.

Regards POGO

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