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Awesome Day out !


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Hit the ground running today with good mate Stephen( Reggie Rabbit ) in tow and headed for the Cooks River after a tip off from Leon,thanks mate :thumbup: The bream were hot to trot with 6 double hook ups and the best fish of the session just on 40 cms and we landed over 60 bream and a dozen or more flatties and a lone whiting on a surface pencil.Everything we threw at them was wacked and we lost count of how many hits we had :1yikes: We thought it couldnt get any better but we were so wrong.

post-256-055614100 1299661030_thumb.jpg

post-256-067013100 1299661037_thumb.jpg

post-256-002910000 1299661044_thumb.jpg

post-256-095726700 1299661050_thumb.jpg

post-256-058659200 1299661059_thumb.jpg

post-256-085357300 1299661066_thumb.jpg

post-256-016409200 1299661075_thumb.jpg

post-256-058000400 1299661082_thumb.jpg

post-256-041050400 1299661090_thumb.jpg

After a bit of lunch and a throw for the elusive jewies we decided to hit the bay as the conditions were ideal with no swell and little or no wind.

Our intentions were to try for some kingies on poppers but we never even got that far as the bay was absolutley alive with schools of surface fish and mixed in the schools were kings,salmon,bonito and tailor.

Every cast with our metals was met with an instant hook up by both of us and we landed so many fish we actually got too tired to fish anymore :yahoo: :yahoo:

post-256-050310300 1299661097_thumb.jpg

post-256-030135000 1299661104_thumb.jpg

post-256-064861700 1299661111_thumb.jpg

Has to be one of the most fishy days I have ever been involved in.

Thanks for a top day out Steve and I bet you are as tired as I am :074:

Cheers Swordie

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Thanks for the call to rub it in Stewy!!

You know what I called you & told you what to do with yourself can't be repeated in the forums but you know I mean it!!!!! :1worthy:

Well done fellas. Great report & pics on what looks & sounds like an incredible session. :clapping:



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WOW what a day.we were over the moon with the cooks river session then to cap the day off with the crazy session in the bay.Gave my new catania rod a work out and it came through with flying colours.As Stewy said we were stuffed at the end and we drove away from the fish still going crazy in search of a king.Had a great day as alway when fishing with Stewy thanks cant wait till we hit the water again.One of the advantages of doing shift work we can get out mid week without to much traffic on the water. :thumbup:

Been out twice this week Donna said she might ban me for keeping Stewy out all day.But i dont think its takes much for him to stay on the water.He has salt water in his blood :074:

post-6862-054474600 1299664443_thumb.jpg

post-6862-004517900 1299664452_thumb.jpg

post-6862-042666900 1299664460_thumb.jpg

post-6862-017446800 1299664469_thumb.jpg

Edited by Reggie the Rabbit
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Stewie & Reggie,

I'm hyperventilating at my desk at the moment. 60+ bream plus pelagic action? How good is that! Will do battle with the other boats this weekend in the bay - hope I get to taste some of this action as well ...


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Must've been something in the water yesterday mate, I had a session with a mate in Botany Bay yesterday from 5 to 7:30 and we picked up about 9 Flatties... 2 of them we dropped back in the water and the other 7 we took home for a feed... Mik01 is cooking up a nice curry as we speak.

If i'd known you were in the cooks yesterday arvo i would've come and said G'day. sounds like i need to spend a bit more time in there.

What's the biggest flatty you've seen caught in the cooks. My target species is usually always flatties as they're my favourite fish to eat.

Been thinking about getting into breaming though.

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For myself and the people I fish with in the Cooks it is catch and release only and there are queries on contaminents in that particular waterway.

That being said it is a great spot to hone your skills on very good bream and flatties and jewies are always a big chance at the right time of year.

Cheers Stewy

My girl's an engineer and did a study on the cooks river when she was at uni. When i first started fishing the only thing she said was "Under no circumstances are you to bring fish home that you caught anywhere near the Cooks river...

So i fish Towra in the hope there's a gangland style rivalry between the cooks and towra flatties where by they don't encroach on eachothers' turf ;)

I'm normally a catch and release fisherman too, unless i forget to take something out of the freezer for dinner, then i go fishing after work in the hope i'll be able to use the fish as a bargaining tool to calm down the :wife:

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You don't know how frustrating it was listening to you blokes while I was stuck at work! :biggrin2:

What a sensational session. Well done fellas! Some fantastic photos of an amazing day on the water :yahoo:



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