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gang hooks larger than 6/0


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Hi All

Wondering if anyone can recommend any brand of gang hooks they have used that are larger than 6/0 in size. Looking for something in the 7/0 or 8/0 size. I have used the gamakatsu gangsters 5/0 and mustad 5/0 and the gamakatsu open too easily and the mustad dont move freely enough. Also, I prefer not to have to put a swivel between the hooks.

Cheers, Nitro

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A trick my uncle taught me for large gangs was using a couple of wraps of stainless wire wrapped in a figure 8 pattern between the hooks instead of swivels. We use this rig for trolling big gars for macs which have a nasty habbit of bitin through swivels like butter. That way you can use any hook size and the wire as loose as you want

Cheers Leo

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