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Sydney Wave rider bouy


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Hey Guys,

Not sure if this is in the right forum or not, But i need some help.

Went out the other day to the gps marks that i had for the sydney wave rider bouy but i could not find it!

Does anyone know if it has been moved or have they lost it, looked on the manly hydraulic site but its co-ords were from years ago.

Any help appreciated, Understand if you dont want to post co-ords on here, you can pm me if easier.

Thanks in advance.


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The last time I was at the Wave Rider was in Feb/March last year. The co-ords I recorded at the time were:

33 46.243 S

151 24.674 E

(and I stress this was 12 months ago)

Depth was around 85-90m

I take it you have already found the MHL data. http://www.mhl.nsw.gov.au/www/wave_data_where.htmlx

Check that your GPS format is WGS84 and that you have it set for Deg.Min (not Deg.Min.Seconds)



** edited to include depth info

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