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Guest bluecod

One of my favourite dishes! :thumbup:

Ingredients - Very fresh fish + marinade.


Very fresh raw fish, well chilled [important] Best fish for this is the shoulder off a yellowfin, however any of the following go down well - kingfish, bonito, trevally, mullet.

Take a fillet and remove the skin, de-bone and take out the blood line. Holding a very sharp fine bladed knife at a 45 degree angle cut thin 1 to 2 mm thick slices - arrange on plate, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until ready to serve.


Put a good dollop [about a tablespoon] of quality Chinese HOT chilli sauce into a small bowl, add an equal amount of either light soy sauce or tereyaki sauce [ sometimes the soy sauce has too much salt in it so I may dilute this 30% with water] then add about 1 teaspoon of Wasabi paste and mix together - there should be enough chilli sauce to add fire to the marinade and enough Wasabi to lift your scalp. Adjust to suit your palate's capabilities. [some folk add lemon juice to the marinade to dilute the raw power of the ingredients and to add a bit of a lift - if I'm seeking a bit of a vinegary flavour I prefer to add Tabasco instead of the lemon juice.]

Place about five or six slices of fish into the marinade and replace pieces as you eat them. Eat by itself or as a side dish with Chinese stir fry and steamed white rice. :thumbup::thumbup: Wash down with beverage of choice :beersmile::beersmile:

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Yum, Soungs good.

Heres mine.

Simple but good and a little sweeter.

1 part jap rice vinigar (sushi vinager)(From woolworths)

1 part soy sauce

juce of a lemon to taste

Couple of fine diced fresh tie chillies

Combine and let the chillies steep(wont take long).

I prefer wassabi as a side dip.

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Sushimi can be absolutely beautiful, the key for new people is to let them know it does not taste like raw meat :074:

In asian countries, the tuna that gets the highest price, has the most FAT content.

When making sushimi, especially out of tunas, the BELLY FLAP has the highest fat content and also fetches the most $$$$$ for this reason.

Some tricks to having nice sushimi:

Take your chosen piece of fish that you wish to slice up and place it in the freezer. Dont leave it too long, you only want it to firm up, and not freeze.

Once it is firm, take it out of the freezer and slice it very THIN.

The firming process makes this much easier that trying to cut it when not firm.

Once it is cut you arrange on a plate ready to serve :thumbup:

When serving, i have a bunch of toothpicks in the centre of plate and 3 different small bowls.

One has fresh lemon juice.

One had Soy sauce.

One has a mixture of Soy and WASABI(mega hot paste)

I also dot some small amouts all around the top of the soy bowl.

Take your piece of sushimi, dip it into the lemon. The longer you leave it, the more it will be cooked by the lemon juice. You can actually see the meat cooking in front of your eyes. This sets those at ease that shy at the thought of raw stuff.

Then take it out of the lemon juice and dip it into the soy or other mix or one of the other suggestions above.

YUMMO!!!!!!!! :1clap:

There is not many that wont like it, even my kids hook right into it :1yikes:


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Guest bluecod

Wouldn't be worth a rats a*$e if you sent it through the post! :074:

BTW nice fish and yep, at the right market would be worth a fair bit!

Do we get the rest of the story and pics?

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