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Catchin Jack

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Hi guys,

While killing some time at a local ramp on the coast I came across a retired couple who had a really cute boat. After a bit of chat to this guy I found out that he used to have a speedboat and his wife told him it was time to slow down and he sold his fast boat for this relaxing boat below, it can sleep a couple of people, has fridge, stove, toilet and runs on a 3 cylinder diesel engine.

Now the best part of this boat is it has bow thrusters and top speed is 10 knots apparently. If you want to check out these boats look up Ranger Tugs, this one is the R21-EC.

Funniest part was this guy sat at back of the boat while his wife took control of the vessel, apparently she's the captain.

If you see this boat around have a chat to them, they're really lovely people and don't mind you looking over their pride and joy.

post-10101-085474100 1299721716_thumb.jpgpost-10101-089918800 1299721727_thumb.jpg

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