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Blackfish Bonanza


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Went for a quick fish this morning, but it sped into a 5 hour session. Time flies when you're having fun. Walked onto the beach and saw that there was zero wash coming over the rocks, in my usual location. Decided on a hike down the coast and fish a nice rock shelf which is open to the sea. On my arrival, I saw my old mate Ray with a bend in his rod and his keeper net already tied off in the pool. This was #4 fish for him and another bloke there had half a dozen. Beaudy, I thought. There are a number of small bommies here, so I rigged for a depth of only 1.5m. My float was being washed around in the surges, but no downs. Ray hooked into #5. The other bloke said his farewells and left us to it. This spot is good on a runout, but it was 2 hours before high tide - not ideal. I just couldn't get a down. A few more minutes and my float submerged slowly. Just being towed under by the wash, I thought, but suddenly I was on. Landed a nice, solid fish and opened the account. Then for me, it just turned on. One after the other, Poor old Ray was shaking his head. I lost fish at my feet as they turned for a last ditch effort and got busted off by bigger fish as they dived for the kelp. Got hit very hard several times by what was obviously drummer. The spinning handles of the Avon, rapped me on the knuckles several times, as I was unprepared. One fish hit the bait as soon as it hit the water and was on before I could set the hook. Ray landed four more fish to bring his tally to nine. He wanted one more to crack double figures, but it wasn't to be. I saw a school of tailer chase bait fish up against the ledge and my float ripped down, only to return to the surface milliseconds later. Bitten off. Thanks Tailer!!! I got done a few more times in "drummer ally", so decided to call it a day rather than re-rig yet again. Tally for me was 12 fish. I only wanted three, but on this occasion I kept ten, as a few friends have been asking if I could get them one or two. A great few hours. Haven't had a hot session like that in a while and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Got totally drenched several times, as the swell rolled along the ledge and then hit a vertical face, shooting 15ft into the air and dropping onto me. Like a bucket of water. Biggest fish for me today went 42cm.




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