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Port Kembla 11-3-11 - Kingfish


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Hi Everyone,

Just a quick post.

Took today off as have been flat chat with work lately and really needed to get out for a session.

Started at Port Kembla at 5.30am "VERY DARK" and went to find to bait.

Managed 1 squid in about 20mins, so went and stocked up on Yakka's.

Decided to slow troll squid around the islands. First Pass (Around eastern side of North Eastern most island don't know its name) and the squid got hit gently - raised rod tip and then the fun began. Luckily I used a stinger hook as that was all that had him in the corner of the mouth. 72cm of kingy - broke the drought thankfully (May 2010 was my last legal king). Interesting fishing on your own trying to drive away from the island and fight a kingy at the same time.

Unfortunately, that was it for the rest of the day. It was really slow on the yakka's, nothing seemed interested. Considered going to the FAD / Wave Rider but there was a nasty south easter and it was really messy. In my centre console that will end in a wet day.

I met a guy at the ramp who did go though and he said the rat dollies were in plague proportion - now wishing I had taken some livies out there. A few others at the ramp had kings of similar size.



post-14938-030727300 1299828100_thumb.jpg

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Guest Aussie007

nice catch i was catching the kings there this time last year at the break wall one after the other day after day :thumbup:

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