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hawkesbury trip


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g'day all just back from the hawkesbury, finally success!!!

couldn't go as far as spencer like i planned so fished a random place that payed off then . fishing opposite to milson island i think its called. first cast down my mate hooks on to what he thought was a fat whiting. turned around to see him pull up a little jewie bout 30 cms. for the next hour or 2 we must have pulled up about 40- 50 juvenile jewies ranging from 15- 50 cm or so.....never seen so many jew in one place... seen below

post-11578-026768400 1299916643_thumb.jpg

got sick of catching them after a while so we lifted anchor and drifted a couple hundred meters down where we got abused by catfish after catfish lost count after 2,300. we moved back to where we caught the small jews but this time there were some good bream in the mix thank goodness something decent. out of nowhere mate starts screaming like a little girl with a massive bend in his bream gear.after a bit of coaching he pulled in a nice 60cm model to take home to his wife and absolutely stoked to have caught his first decent fish.

post-11578-023340600 1299917116_thumb.jpg

before we even took the fish out of the net another rod goes nuts and another mate lands a slightly bigger model again screaming like a school girl and reeling like a maniac wouldnt couldnt hear anyone at that time telling him to keep calm, but hey it worked i guess.

post-11578-094308300 1299917193_thumb.jpg

right after this my rod gets smashed after a getting the fish to the surface realise that the last fish is still tangled in the net tried to keep it up on the surface but it dove down and lost it roughly same size as the other two. after losing this fish it completely died. dunno if its possible but seems like they can communicate danger. ran out of bait soon after so headed back happy as ready for a bbq tonight.

post-11578-026722800 1299917663_thumb.jpg

all fish were caught on prawns and bream gear ( 8lbs line and size 4 long shank hooks) no joke had live yellowtail out and squid , didnt even get touched on the bigger rods.

get out there raiders fish are on in a big way... scream like a little girl and reel in as fast as you can, seems to work well!! cheers

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