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Good day at a point 2 down from Snapper point


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Hey all,

Me and fellow raider Tone Loc (aka Fishraider name Novicefisherman)decided to head to a point 2 down from snapper point central coast on Sat afternoon.

This was our first time there and I must say it looked easier on google earth that it did in reality!! :wacko:

I think Tone Loc and myself found the worst route down the cliff, sketchy as hell!

We finally get down and start fishing, not much for the first 2 hours...but then!! At around 5.30pm they struck!!

Tone loc had 3 bonitos on metals basically one after the other, the biggest bonnie going 68cm. :yahoo:

Then I threw out a dead pillie and bang! Brought up a nice salmon that went 70cm.post-16136-050922600 1300013435_thumb.jpg

The gates were closing at 9pm and it was already 7pm....but damn, I think that spot would be insane at dusk and into the night!

When you travel for a fish, it makes it that much better!


Rabbit and Tone Loc.

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2 weeks ago i caught up with a mate, whos family has a holiday house in gwandalan (had no idea how close to snapper point this is)

last weekend (just passed) i was too hung over to move :biggrin2:

not sure what the plan is this weekend but i reckon we oculd pencil something in

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