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Sunday reoprt 13/3/11 at Port Stephens

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Hi all,

With the water green inside the shelf we again went wide in trying conditions. The wind blew 15-20 form the NE all day and we had a strong southerly current heading downhill so we pulled lures looking for another blue. All was quiet until the shotgun went off followed by the long rigger when clearing the lines. We boated a big shortbill spearfish of around 30-35kg mark.. one of the biggest I have seen but pulled the hook on the other. We quickly released him and let him go to fight another day. The rest of the afternoon was quiet.

We didn't see another boat out there all day... and the fishing was very quiet on the radio. With the current running hard there was no bait to be seen. The current should back off later in the week giving the bait a good chance to stack and the marlin will feed heavily. This weekend coming and the following week could be a cracker if the weather plays the game.

We only have 1 Saturday free to charter if anyone is interested call Damien on 0407113349. I will put a separate post about it and as usual first in get the ride.



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Hi Mike,

As much as you want the current to back off,we could do with some down here. Fished Saturday in calm conditions and no current. Pretty quiet day all round for us but manged a 70 kg Striped just inside Browns on the way home. Hopefully out Wednesday for another go.


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