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Harbour landbased 14.3.11


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Had a couple of good nights lately since getting sick of the schools of salmon, tailor and bonito that seem to have replaced all the kings :wacko: .

The first night fished with a mate at a wharf near the bridge. Not too many runs but perfect conditions and a large variety of bait (at one point we had live gars, yakkas, herring and squid). Ended up getting one 60 cm jewie on a yakka and a decent flatty.

post-12400-013589000 1300156070_thumb.jpg

The next night at a nearby wharf we set up at around 9pm. The conditions were very poor with a strong southerly blowing and on and off showers. Apparently the fish didnt mind this and we caught 3 legal bream and one large blue swimmer.

It wasnt till around 1am that i finally got the nice big run I had been waiting for. With the bell ringing I set the hooks and after a fight, that felt like a fair while but was probably only 5 min or so, I landed a solid Jewie(93cm). :thumbup:

post-12400-006622700 1300156491_thumb.jpg

post-12400-043115500 1300156625_thumb.jpg

Pretty stoked but a little sour it didnt hit the meter mark. It took a live yakka pinned with 2 7/0 octopus on 60lb fluero. No more runs after that but i wasnt complaining :biggrin2: .



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