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Spinning Lure for Bonitos

Big Berg

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Hi Guys,

I was fishing off the rocks last weekend and noticed that a few fishos were using a new lure/skirt I haven't seen before.

They were spinning for Bonitos and Salmon using a float, a 2 metre leader trailing the float and a small squid looking lure/skirt at the end.

The lure was plastic and simply covers a single hook. It was also approximately 3-5cm long.

I have looked at some sites online and it looks like the sprinner lure but without the metal plate.

Does anyone know what they are called and where I can get them from.


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You are probably after something that is like a soft plastic squid muppet. It's not really the squid/lure that attracts the Bonito, it's the popping of the float (rigged upside down) that does that.....but the lure then entices them to attack.

I used to pick them up cheap....$1 each, not sure how much they are now as i just make my own. A couple of thick threads tied to a hook and frayed *shrug* works for me. Oh and it pays to have a variety of colors, sometimes the pink goes off, sometimes the blue, but the white ones seems more consistant :)

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Thanks LungFai.

So you recommend to attach the float upside down?

The guys spinning where just using it the right side up.

Yeah they where using the white ones and where cleaning up.

How long do you recommend for the leader from the float to the lure? :thumbup:

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Upsidedown is the way i use it but i don't use floats anymore either as they cost a bundle :biggrin2: I rig on a piece of foam, works the same but casting it is a pain.

The leader is usually 1.5m - 2m, depends on how long your rod is. When you are reeling it in do it with jerks to cause it to splash, the more splash the more interested they become. It's hard work and i usually sit around and let all the energetic guys do the luring and once there is a good frenzy i get into the action :1fishing1:

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