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Bait Collecting Session for Weekend Jew Chase !


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Hey Raiders,

Just wondering if anyone was interested in doing a trip to do some bait collecting and also some jewy chasing tonight and over the weekend.

I plan on goin out tonight and tomorrow night to mainly chased bait fish and squid, but will also have my bigger rods out with a livie on just incase they get hit while collecting bait. The bait will be collected for the weekend Jew chase which will be land based in and around the Sydney harbour area. Also we will be collecting bait as have organized a charter boat for sunday, maybe theres some spots left if anyone is interested.

So if you would like to join me in a bait collecting/light fishing trip please dont hesitate to pm me.

Cheers Raiders,


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Hey mate,

How did you go? How was the charter?

Too bad I didn't read this earlier as I would have loved to go.

Will you be chasing Jews anytime soon?



Yeah not too bad, managed some good jewy's the other day !

Heading out tomorrow early morning to collect bait cause we have organized another charter for tomorrow morning.

Only problem is this one is booked out completely !

But yeah i do bait collecting sessions during the week sometimes so if you like I can keep you updated of when i head out and maybe you can join me.



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That would be great. Where abouts do you go? Most of my mates are too lazy to go out at night or early mornings


Depending on what im after if its yakkas and squid then Jefferey st wharf,greenwich point wharf, bundeena wharf etc and for mullet just the Georges. As for times well its only bait collecting so i dont go early mornings i go when i get back from work so usually id be out there by about 6ish and fish a few hours till i have sufficient bait then head home !!

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