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Hi Guys

I recently purchased a live fibre rod 13foot 6 inches rated at 8-15kg for surf fishing.As this rod can throw up to 6oz it would also be a good snapper rod for long distance casting of the rocks.This rod has a standard hypalon grip at the bottom finishing with a rubber butt cap.My question is if I was to us this rod as a set rod how would I go about using existing rod holes without damaging the grips on the rocks.I am not interested in using a rod tube or pipe.Does anyone have any suggestions.Perhaps there might me a rod accesory such as a rubber sleeve that you could use or a bigger rod butt cap.Hope someone can help me please.

Cheers Steve

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Gday Steve,

Just a couple of thoughts. You could try some rubber inner tube or possibly cricket bat handle depending on the diameter or if you try an electrician supplier you may get some over size heat shrink that would work but would be more permanent but think the inner tube would be easier to find and come in more sizes.

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on some of my jigging rods i used to us hand grip used on tennis rackets

it comes in a tape form and you just wrap it around the handle and it stops the eva grips from getting damaged in rod holders

pretty cheap stuff get it from sport stores

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