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Big Bream In Big Numbers In Good Sight


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There's a fish pond near Jervis Bay, a place called the 'Lady Denman Maritime Museum'

Well worth a visit if you're around the area, Big Flatties up to 90cm+, Big 40cm+ Bream, Big 40cm+ Blackfish, Flounder, and more, it's an amazing sight

If you get caught fishing, it's a 40 thousand dollar fine, it's well signed up, so it's quite a risk


If you've got a youtube, sub me, more fishing videos coming soon

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I havent been there in ages I actually forgot where it was, its an amazing pool, glad its still up, shows us what a real fish is.

ive heard Hamilton island has massive kingies you can hand feed, also saw it on tv, amazing, im going to be going there at some point.

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