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What type of Battery?


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Hi just wondering what type of battery I should get for my boat.

I have a 4.3m tinny. I haven't had any electrics in it till now. Just bought a fish finder and new lights.

So I really will only be using the battery for the fish finder.

I don't wanna spend to much anyway. I saw a Century 43t (Deep Cycle) for $135.

Any help would be appreciated.



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I always run the same as what I have in the car just incase you have a flat battery in either vehicle you have a back up, also good to alternate them to keep them both charged.

Ive never worried about using marine grade batteries but I do prefer the maintenance free batteries. Deep cycle Ive never had one so I cant comment on them.

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Im a sparkie and know that a deep cycle is better for low current equipment such as sounders and lights compared to high current devices like starters. But you need to weigh up do you really need a deep cycle? Are you going to be out with the lights and sounder running for a couple of days? Think not in a tinnie...and also think a charger for a deep cycle is also more pricey (by how much i don't know) does your motor have an alternator for charging the battery? If it does i would just opt for a normal car battery as it will be maintained better by the alternator as most aren't designed to charge a deep cycle which will reduce battery life

Cheers Leo

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correct me if im wrong guys but deep cycle batterys are designed to be drained and charged drained and charged over and over

etc etc

it makes sense to cos car batterys are never meant to go flat thats why we have alternators

also im pretty sure you have to have a fully sealed battery in your boat by law

since switching to deep cell ive never had battery problems like ever

i got 2 one for the motor which is a bit overkill but y not so the motor charges that one

and just bought a little 18ah jetski battery to run my led lights that run all the way down each side of the boat under the gunnels (4.2m stacer seahorse )

fishfinder ' 2 bilge pumps (bait tank) (under floor bilge) and nav lights

and i think its suits my boat pretty perfectly

just some ideas


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Is this the one you were talking about

Online Battery

yeah mine arrived today( tuesday) awesome man a i got a large battery box and both batterys fit in just perfect

im very happy but one thing if its the same people i got mine off tell the dix to put the lil bolts in a bag or they fall oyta the box lol

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If its just for the finder, just get a 12V 7AH sealed battery, available alot of large Auto or Marine Accessory places. I bought one recently ("Century Brand") for about $30-40. I'm currently using this in my 4.2 tinny to run nav lights, finder & a deck light.


Smaller & easier to handle than car battery...

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